The Nest 10k

We host our very own 10k race for other local clubs to compete in.

We run about 10,000 metres in more or less a circle. I know that sounds like a pointless activity, but it’s really quite fun. Ok, maybe not exactly fun, but it’s really healthy. Fresh air, a bracing wind, sunshine (sometimes) and birdsong. What more could you want?

The race starts at 9.15am sharp from the start line. Or the finish line — they’re both the same thing. It doesn’t matter if you think of it as the start of the finish, but strictly speaking it’s the start. It becomes the finish at the end. But 9.15 sharp!

There will be a water stop halfway around near St Abbott’s primary school playground. Following last year’s incident at the water station (which I’m sure I need not mention) all runners are required to keep all their running kit on at the water stop.

Please invite your friends from other clubs to join us!

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