Who are we?

Hello, we’re Nest – a local running club for local people who like to run, locally. We’re really friendly and always welcome new members, as long as you’re local. So if you’re a local person who likes to run locally, pop along for a taster session. There’s no need to worry about joining, just come along and get a feel for the place. You can join if you’d like to attend regularly. We’re your local running club, locals.

We meet locally every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Also sometimes Tuesday and Saturday. You can join us just once a week, or a few days on the run. On the run! Ah haha!

Bring your own shoes

Sharing shoes is frowned upon, as fitting more than one foot per shoe is dangerous and isn’t covered by our insurance. Speaking of insurance, all signed up members are fully insured while carrying out club activities provided that both the member and the activity are local. Visitors run at their own risk, but let’s face it, the risk isn’t all that high. Alison slipped on the tow path last year and fell in the river, but apart from that, running is a fairly safe activity. (She was fine, by the way.)

Come and join us!